Preparation Of Floor Foundation

In order for your new flooring to come out the way you want and imagine, it is necessary to prepare a foundation for it in advance. Preparing the foundation even starts with laying the floor. Unfortunately, there are often cases when the degree of stretching is not given proper attention, it is considered to be a simple task and anyone can perform it well. As a result of such an approach, we usually get a poorly made, unstable sand-cement coating, which is cracked with deep and long cracks, and the surface is uneven. Such stretching will not serve as a basis for the floor, as the parquet laid on it and / or any other type of floor will be of the same poor quality, uneven and, most importantly, unstable or slippery and / or easily brittle.

Damaged tension can be restored and strengthened !!!

In short, if you have already done the stretching and you doubt its quality, contact us and our professional specialists will ensure the right decision. Our company possesses sufficient knowledge and experience in repairing, repairing and strengthening damaged and poorly arranged strains. By using special construction chemicals, in many cases we manage to avoid dumping the existing tension and re-filling it, with a guarantee !!!

We offer the following types of flooring:
  • Soft floor roll type;
  • Soft floor tiles;
  • Vinyl flooring in rolls;
  • Vinyl floor tiles;
  • Deck flooring;
  • Imitation flooring;
  • Laminate flooring (laminate);
  • Natural wood flooring;
  • Ceramic and ceramic granite tiles;
  • Industrial floors.


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