Axis Construction Ltd

    Arrangement of drainage system in the roof of the garage and connection to the main well at the construction site of "Axis Towers".

    Medi Ltd

      Arrangement of ventilation system (supply and installation).

      Batesta Ltd

        Arrangement of central heating system (supply / installation); Cold and hot water supply (supply / installation); Arrangement of sewerage network and connection to external networks (supply / installation); Hotel facade repair and painting works.

        BSC Ltd

          Interior repair works in a complex way; Electro-mechanical (heating / ventilation / air conditioning, VRF system, heat recovery) and plumbing works.

          Thermorum Ltd

            Installation of metal suspended composite ceiling (grilatto / plasterboard) in the product showroom.

            Active Batumi Ltd

              Design works for a smoke removal system in the corridors, stairwells and other spaces of the hotel complex.

              Amiga Ltd

                Supply and arrangement of ventilation system of the hotel complex in Anaklia; Arrangement of internal water supply networks (supply / installation); Arrangement of internal sewerage networks (supply / installation).

                Tbilisi Balneological Resort Ltd

                  Arrangement of air suction system from laboratories.

                  Nikora Ltd

                    Steam station planning, manufacturing, supply (import) installation; Complete installation work; Heating system rehabilitation; Thermal insulation (import and installation works) of steam pipes working on high temperature, welding-installation works of steam pipes.

                    Park Hotel Ltd

                      Repair and painting works of the facade of the hotel complex "Crown Plaza - Borjomi".

                      Remmsheni Ltd

                        Arranging a vinyl floor covering.

                        Gagua Clinic Ltd

                          Manufacture / supply of X-ray protection shields.

                          Chiatureli Ltd

                            Hotel design works, complete package of electro-mechanical and plumbing works.

                            Amiga Ltd

                              (Educational Institution / British School) Arrangement of condensate drainage system of VRF system.

                              Tbilisi Energy Ltd

                                Arrangement of central heating system (installation works).

                                Pipia Clinic Ltd

                                  Import / supply of floor vinyl cover.

                                  Rooms Ltd

                                    (Educational institution / school) Installation of the heating system Boiler in the boiler room(supply and installation).

                                    Crosty Global Ltd

                                      Repair works in the production "showroom".

                                      Helsikor Ltd

                                        Arrangement of inpatient unit on the 9th floor; Interior renovation works; Sanitary works; Ventilation system revision works; Supply / installation, commissioning of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems on certain floors.

                                        Hotel Cruise Ltd

                                          Installation works of heating boiler in the hotel complex, arrangement of heating network, arrangement of heat distribution node, arrangement of water-sewerage network, repair works.

                                          NNLE "Sandro Akhmeteli Drama Theater"

                                            Design works; central heating system service.

                                            JSC Maarif Uluslararas Eghiti Kurumlar Ltd

                                              (Educational institution / school), supply, arrangement, service of air conditioning system.

                                              Sante GMT Products Ltd

                                                Thermal insulation works of steam, hot and cold water pipes and corresponding shut-off regulating fittings with the latest energy-efficient thermal energy means; Repair of interior, refrigeration equipment and workshops; Arrangement of stainless steel steam and product pipeline network (supply, welding, installation); Arranging a steam station; Repair of existing steam pipelines and shut-off valves; Sanitary works; Arrangement of external communications of the fire system; Supply of heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems - installation and other electro-mechanical works; Technological machine - installation and commissioning of machinery and equipment - production works in dairy production workshops.

                                                LEPL "Georgian State Insurance Supervision Service"

                                                  Office repairs, sewerage system audits and repairs, air conditioners audits and repairs.

                                                  CMG-Construction Material Group Ltd

                                                    On the Axis Tower construction site: Deck flooring (import and installation); Arrangement of vinyl floor covering (import and installation).



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