Concrete drilling

Drilling and cutting of concrete is carried out in reinforced concrete walls, floors and ceilings of any type, for cutting openings for engineering or other purposes using a special drilling machine that can quickly, without destruction and vibration, cut holes of exact diameter in reinforced concrete. It is mainly used in reinforced concrete roofs and walls for ventilation shafts, water supply, sewerage, power supply and other utilities. To dismantle the building, the elements of its supporting structure are weakened by cutting openings of the required diameter in them. In addition to the above, the removal of openings in reinforced concrete is carried out for decorative purposes, etc. Our company “Service Pro” LLC has expert-level specialists and the latest technological equipment to perform these works. The process of drilling columns at first glance is simple and safe, however, without special knowledge, equipment and fixtures, this work is associated with significant risks and can only be performed by professionals and companies equipped with professional equipment.

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